When Your Past is Chasing You Down…

Most mornings, after I drop my kids at school, I try to squeeze in a walk before starting my tasks for the day.  It is winter in Chicago and many mornings, it is too cold/windy/snowy/rainy/bleh to walk outdoors.  I have come up with a list of indoor places to go to get those steps in and am thankful for the time.

This morning, I was listening to Michael Hyatt, as I walked.  He has gobs of great ideas that relate to my speaking and writing and I usually have one or two take-aways that I can use immediately. This morning, he quoted Bo Sanchez and though familiar, the quote stuck for me.

“The past does not define your future.” 

So, here is the thing… we can just let that roll.  We can allow the utter familiarity of that phrase to cause the truth to fall away.  Or we can sit with it for a second and figure out what it means to us. Let’s choose that today.

I was listening to Michael Hyatt because his wisdom is helpful to my professional work.  However, this quote hit me in a different place.  This quote made me think about so many ways that it can be true in our everyday lives.  And it is powerful.

Think about it like this:

Just because you lost it with your little one today, does not mean that you have to do that again.

Just because you did not meet your goals for yesterday, does not mean that you will not today.

Just because you grew up in a difficult situation, does not mean that you need to repeat that pattern.

Just because you felt overwhelmed today, does not mean you will feel that way tomorrow…

Just because parenting was hard this week, does not mean it will be next week, too.

Just because you made enormous mistakes as a teen, does not mean you will continue that pattern as an adult.

Friends, we have choices, don’t we?  Sometimes we talk ourselves into a lie and come to believe that what has always been, will always be.  But that is simply not true.  It IS true that if we do what we have always done, we will get what we have always gotten. But, if we can find something better, shouldn’t we look?  Shouldn’t we fight for that better thing?

Think about this today.  Think about what you are doing that is working and, for goodness sake, do that thing!  And take a minute to be honest with yourself.  What are you doing that is the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot?? STOP IT.  Seriously. Stop.  Pick one healthy spot to begin and make a choice that leads you in the direction you so want to go.

I will do it, too.

Yes, I get that it can be hard. (Truly, I DO.)  But, when we dig our toes in and fight, we can do hard things.  We can choose to do the hardest thing…

You have no idea how powerful those little choices are.  You have no idea how much it matters when you pull your babies close, choose love over spite, give importance to your relationships, and some days, just choose to get up and keep going.

It SO matters.

Your past, whatever it is, does not define you.  It does not create a future.  YOU DO THAT.

For our own sake for the sake of those we love, let’s do that.  Let’s create a day, a week, a life that is exactly what we want.

On your mark…


Blessings on your day.

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