The Last Day of School…

My head is full… my words, jumbled. Here is how we started this day. Off to go to the last day of school… They love it. They really do. (I do, too.)

By noon, us mommas stood outside and waited and out they came… backpacks full and teary eyes. My little guy is in orange… with his buddy who is wearing orange, too.

Sometimes, even in the midst of it all, you have to take a second to think… even when you are older… even when you’re 13. Because it is a lot to end the year… a lot to think about and a lot to feel.

Then, we went to the park… a grand distraction that works so well! And they played and laughed and jumped and ran and ate junky food while the sun fell on their sweet, little faces. Oh… and there were sandcastles… well sort of.

It’s not that we wanted to leave… just that the time had come. So out we walked, ready for what comes next, ready for what summer brings. Because it is good and sweet and needed and right. And our friends will be there, too…

Blessings on your day.

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