What if?

The new year has come and I find myself surrounded by resolutions, many of which flow naturally from questions that must be asked…

What if… I finished this book and published it one way or another?
What if… I was less motivated by selfish desires and more by a servant’s heart?
What if… I stopped stressing out about where we are all headed and enjoyed more of where we are?
What if… I trusted God with those things that worry me instead of trying to handle them myself?
What if… I reached out in my speaking ministry and let it blossom in that way?
What if… I found an agent who has knowledge and experience to direct my speaking and writing?
What if… I looked for daily sources of joy and helped my family do the same?
What if… I remembered the importance of following God’s lead and helped my children to follow, too?
What if… I focused less on having and more on releasing things?  
What if… I took my health a lot more seriously and started feeling stronger?
What if… I worked on friendships the way I did when I was young?
What if… I put the amount of energy into my marriage that I know our marriage demands?
And lastly… What if I did not find excuses, did not manufacture excuses… but instead sought to do and be those things I know I need to do and be?  What does that mean for me?  For my family?  For my speaking? For my writing?  
It is a brand new year.  There are things about my humble life that I love… and things I know could use some change.  But, I cannot change what I do not see… So, it is time to see.  It is time for me, time for my family, time for you, as well.  
Because, really.  Think about it.  
What if… 
Blessings on your day.  
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