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Speaking Topics

New for Spring 2009!!  
There is a new movement in the United States that is tied tightly to the amazing book
The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv.  At a time when fewer children are
found playing tag in their yard, than playing video games indoors, how can we
encourage our children to go outside and play?   Why is this important?  This
presentation will give specific ideas and encouragement to women who would like
to help their children get back outside and play.  

New for the Holidays!
Back by popular demand, book Nadia to lead your group in a devotional time that
will encourage you to share the true meaning of Christmas with your family.  Ideas for
how to help your children connect to this important story will also be included.  These
dates will book quickly!  Booking dates for '09 now!  

Nurturing Your Child’s Spirit (as a stand-alone, or as part of the Spiritual Growth Group)
In a world that seeks to distract us from all that is important, how can we help our
children to develop spiritually?  With a focus on the process of spiritual development,
this presentation helps parents to understand what they can do to help their
children see all the world as God’s and to better understand the importance of their
relationship with Him.  

Using Sticks to Build a Structure (as stand-alone, or part of Discipline & Parenting Group)
In the early days of parenting, we often have a clear vision of what we want to
teach our children.  We talk about what lessons and life experiences are important
to offer our family.  And yet, somehow, in the hustle and bustle of a way-too-busy life,
we lose sight of those early goals.  We find ourselves living a life that is out of control
and facing the reality that we are pulling our children through day-to-day tasks.   
There is a better way!   Together we will discover this unique program that teaches
our children to internalize tasks, reduces family stress, minimizes materialism and helps
us to focus on the goals we once had for our children.   Hands on ideas will be given
to accomplish all of the above and positively affect the discipline of our children.  

Conversation, Connection, Community
So, you’ve been asked to run a small group?   Small groups have been one of the
most misunderstood aspects of ministry!  This workshop will help you understand how
groups work so you never again have to be a part of group that cannot connect!  
Specific solutions for common problems will be shared, along with a list of activities
that can be used in any group to help start conversation and build community.  This
presentation is a must for anyone who has been asked to help with a Mom’s Group!

Education as a Way of Life (as stand-alone, or part of Educational Development Group)
Television, video games, computer activities and other media call to us day and
night.  What impact have these things had on the lives of our children?   How can
we foster a love for learning in each of our children and fight the temptation to give
in to a culture that expects constant entertainment?    Come to learn a variety of
ways to engage your children and help them to rediscover their natural love of

Balancing Act
As women, we are created with a God-intended set of needs.  And, as women, we
are well-versed in the habit of ignoring them!    When is the last time you paid
attention to what you really need?  Has it been so long that you can no longer
remember what is actually important to you?  How can we, as busy moms, find a
way to regain balance in our lives?   This presentation will help us to remember those
things that keep us balanced and to find ways to regularly tend to our created

Other Topics
Your Child as a Leader • Raising a Reader • Fostering Compassion • Conversational
Skills for Leaders• Unwrapping our Spiritual Gifts • Connecting with Your Child’s
Teacher • International Adoption: A Grace Filled Journey • Dreaming of Direction:
Finding Your Way •   
"It has been a
delight to hear Nadia
speak!  Her delivery
is in love from her
heart, and her
material is inspired
by the Holy Spirit,
enlightening, and

Kristin Evers,
Lemont, IL

“Hearing Nadia
speak with such
passion and
conviction changed
my outlook on
parenting.  What I
appreciate even
more in hearing
Nadia speak is her
ability to connect
with experienced
parents, newbie’s
like myself and
everyone in

Shannon Schans,
Palos Heights, IL

Nadia's speaking ministry has taken off!  This fall and winter, Nadia can be found speaking in
many mid-western locales, including Michigan (Grand Rapids), Indiana (Crown Point),
Minnesota (Rochester), Central Illinois (Effingham, Monticello), and the greater Chicagoland
area (Chicago, Orland Park, Oak Brook, Clarendon Hills, Palos Heights, Elmhurst, Marengo,
Oak Lawn, Oak Forest, and New Lennox).   Nadia enjoys speaking to small Mom's groups, or
to large conferences such as
Hearts at Home.   Check out Nadia's most popular speaking
topics below, plus testimonials to the left.

As you look through the list for a topic that fits your needs, know that Nadia offers several
different options to groups.  If you need a speaker for a one time event, simply peruse the
list below or contact us with a specific request.  If you are booking speakers for a whole year,
you may want to consider Nadia's "double book option".  Using this option, you would pick a
category for your topic and then Nadia would come twice to your group during the year.

Nadia says, "Having run a Mom’s Group for many years, I know how complicated it can be to
book the right mix of speakers. I also know how helpful it can be to choose a theme for a
year and then follow the theme throughout several presentations. In hopes of doing just that,
I have created several topic groups that can be booked for 2 different dates (and at a
reduced rate over individual bookings) that can increase focus and growth for the chosen

The current "double book" topic groups are: Discipline and Parenting, Spiritual Growth, and
Educational Development.  To inquire about these topic groups, or about booking Nadia for
a speaking engagement, click the following link:

Request Nadia as a Speaker.