Free Sticks Class!

As school wraps up and we look toward summer, let’s take some time to create a plan! Are you worried about your kids having too much screen time? Do you want your kids to spend more time playing outside? Are there areas of discipline you would like to improve? Are you tired of repeating the same directions again, and again, and again?

Tomorrow night, I am offering a free Sticks Refresher Class on Facebook and you are invited! This class is best suited for those who have the Sticks book already or who have heard me speak on this topic. I will be live with you and ready and able to answer questions!

If you want to plan a great summer with your kids and make a plan to reduce stress, improve discipline, have fun, and work toward your goals for your family, please join us! Simply follow this link and click “Going” to be added to the event. On May 30, you will log into Facebook at 8:00 PM and head to the event page. From there, you will be able to see everything, ask questions, and start dreaming about the months ahead! I am excited to offer this and look forward to seeing you there!

Click here to join us!

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