Parenting Problem-Solving for a New Year!

Tantrums! Chore wars! Back-talk! Bickering! It has to stop! This year, it can.

Let’s make a plan to approach parenting with greater intentionality this year. Let’s truly problem solve. Are you in?

Here are a couple of first steps:

1. Join us this week as we talk about practical problem-solving! Click here:

2. Think through this infographic and make a plan for tomorrow. These simple choices really help!

3. If getting your kids to help at home is your biggest issue, do both the above steps and consider buying your own copy of Sticks! We can walk this through together.

It’s a New Year! You can problem-solve and find improved discipline and less stress. Begin today!

Nadia’s upcoming speaking engagements:

  • January 9-Faith Church, Dyer, IN-Fostering Compassion
  • January 16-Liberty Bible Church, Chesterton, IN-Balancing Act
  • January 30-BentTree MOPs, Carrollton, TX-Sticks
  • February 3-Private Event, Dallas, TX-Sticks
  • February 6-IL District 122, Oak Lawn, IL-Sticks

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