Are you parenting in “survival mode”?

Do you find yourself exhausted at the end of the day only to begin it all again the next morning? There is much more to parenting than this!

Sticks wSticksKindle (6)as created to help parents reconnect to the goals they once had for their families. It will not only energize you, but offer you the opportunity to

  • Reduce stress inn your home and create smoother, more peaceful days
  • Teach your kids to internalize the lessons you are teaching them
  • Improve discipline and eliminate behavior issues in your children

Sticks is practical, accessible, and will work for you family!

If you are tired of micromanaging your kids, frustrated about behavior or work ethic, or eager for calmer days, Sticks is here to help. It is time for a chance. there is more to parenting than this.

Need to hear more? Then hear from the original Sticks team!

Then, go to Nadia’s Product Page to get started!

Bonus Materials

For those of you who’ve already begun the Sticks journey with your own families, thank you.  To help you along this path,  I am making several bonus materials available to you on this page

  1. A book extension to help you use Sticks to plan for summer. Click on the link below to download.Bonus – Summer Sticks
  2. A bonus list of ways to spend Sticks.Click on the link below to download.Launch Bonus – Spending Sticks (Big thanks to my amazing launch team for their help with this list!)
  3. Access to a free Sticks Support Email series.  Just click here, enter your email address and the date that you’d like to receive the first email, and that’s it!  Every week for 4 weeks, you’ll get an email from me offering support, encouragement, and ideas!

Writing and publishing this book has been a labor of love, and I love hearing the stories that are shared with me about your own journeys.  Stick to it! 🙂







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