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Using Sticks! to Build a Structure

    • Parenting can be exhausting!  With moms and dads finding themselves in a position to micro-manage the day to day tasks of their children, stress in our homes increases dramatically.  What if we could help our children (even very young children) to grow in independence, manage their own responsibilities, help with household chores and willingly offer help to those around them?  What if parents could be released from the managing of every-little-thing and find themselves with the time and energy to be the parents they always hoped they would be?  This talk will teach listeners to do all of this… and more!

Now That We Know …

    • This important and timely talk starts by detailing what we now know about the impact that technology has on our children, based on specific research conducted by respected experts.  This discussion leads to the natural follow-up question: “Now that we know,  what do we do?”.  This talk moves beyond theories and opinions and helps parents to not only understand the actual impact that technology has on our children, but also identifies practical steps that can be taken in response.

Nurturing Your Child’s Spirit

    • We pay attention the physical, emotional and educational growth of children.  Do we tend as carefully to their spiritual growth, as well?  This talk will encourage parents to foster spiritual growth in their children in small and accessible ways that can yield big changes over time.

Connecting to Christmas

    • With messages of materialism bombarding us daily, it an be difficult to find joy and peace anywhere in the Christmas season.  This presentation will offer practical ideas that will help listeners to find balance during this busy time and help them to remember the importance of faith and family as we seek to connect to the truth about Christmas.

Time to Play Outside!

    • At a time when neighborhoods are quiet and we seldom see children playing outside, we need to think about what this trend is costing our kids.  Many parents feel overwhelmed with the logistics of outside play.  This talk will address our fears, offer guidance on how and why our children need to head outside and empower parents to teach their children to love playing outside.

Balancing Technology

    • Our families are bombarded with electronic interruptions. Our children are being raised at a time when technology is so prevalent and we are faced with daily decisions about how to use these tools. This talk will offer specific guidelines to help families maximize the good in technology and find greater, healthier balance in our use of devices.

Education as a Way of Life

    • While school is very important, educating our children is not the work of teachers alone!  Parents play a very important part in fostering curiosity and teaching children daily.  This presentation will offer practical ideas that will help parents to find daily opportunities to raise their children to be life-long learners.

Confident Parenting

    • As parents, we are daily made aware of the high expectations placed on parents today.  In the midst of such unrealistic expectation lists, how can we feel confident about the way we are raising our children?  This talk will offer encouragement to parents who would like to feel more confident while doing this most important work.

Surviving Summer

    • The structure of school falls away and parents find themselves staring down 3 long months of long and lazy days.  This talk will empower parents to create a summer that their kid will long remember by balancing stress, activity and downtime into a mix that works for kids and adults, as well.

Raising a Reader

    • Active kids, quiet kids, studious kids, hands-on kids.  All kinds of children can learn to love reading.  In this practical presentation, you will learn the difference between teaching a child to read and helping a child learn to love story.  Raising kids to be readers is a gift to them that will last their whole life long.

Fostering Compassion

    • At a time when our current culture teaches us that life is about our personal needs and desires and about the gathering of material goods, our children are learning that compassion is a thing of the past.  This presentation will offer practical ideas that parents can use to foster compassion in their children from a very young age. In doing so, we are raising a generation of people who will see the needs of others and impact the world around them.

Balancing Act

    • Life often pulls us in a variety of directions.  We feel the stress that comes from trying to juggle our over-flowing schedules and we can easily find ourselves thrown off-balance.  If we learn to pay attention to our needs and to make room for these things in our lives, we can find a way to regain our balance and reconnect to true meaning and joy.  This talk will empower listeners to recognize their needs, tend to them and connect deeply to The One who can help us settle our crazy days and set our balance aright.


Why Book Nadia as Your Speaker?

I understand the challenge of finding just the right speaker for your event. As a coordinator and founder of a Moms group, I have planned many events, both large and small.  I have been the Momma in the audience, eager to be encouraged and I have been the speaker on stage, seeking to empower. As a former educator and leadership development coordinator, I bring a unique blend of tried and true parenting ideas mixed with professional experiences with nearly every age, newborn through college!  I am comfortable with small and intimate Moms group meetings, as well as large multi-day conferences and retreats. I know first hand how important finding the right speaker is to the success of any event.

With over a decade of experience, I offer groups an engaging and empowering message, offered with a voice of experience and compassion.  I love what I do and that passion is evident as I present topics that are important both to me and to my audiences.  Whether a parenting or school group, a Women’s tea or retreat, a conference or training event, I am confident that we can work together to create a perfect event.

In my speaking career, I’ve had the opportunity to offer presentations of varying lengths, at events of all sizes and demographics.  I have spoken at national parenting conventions, small parenting groups, early childhood programs, and anywhere parents need encouragement and education. If needed, I will work with you prior to your event to tweak my talks to meet your specific needs. Although my faith impacts both my parenting and speaking, many of my most popular speaking topics translate well to non-faith-based gatherings as well, and “tweaked” versions of these talks have been extremely well-received in public programs, leading to annual re-bookings.

Please peruse the topics above and let’s talk soon.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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