On-Line Seminar

Summer and Sanity On-line Seminar

Provides: One month of ideas, support, teaching, empowerment


  1. One Facebook Live re: Sticks, directions for use, and how they can improve your summer.
  2. One Facebook Live on specific technology reduction ideas.
  3. Sample daily schedules to create a relaxing and fun summer (One for families with parents who work outside the home, one for families with a stay-at-home parent)
  4. A list of recommended resources to have on hand
  5. Frequent discussion questions to help you process things like: How do I get my kids to play outside? What can I do on a tight budget? Should my kids have daily chores during the summer? What strategies work for reducing screen time? What can we do as a family this summer? How can I manage the constant demands for food? Am I supposed to support my kids academically in the summer? How can I foster spiritual growth in my kids? What if I need a break?
  6. Age specific book recommendations to help kids learn to love reading!
  7. Ideas for crafts your kids can do themselves
  8. Specific ideas to help your kids reconnect with nature.
  9. A downloadable set of Table Talk cards to improve conversation your family enjoys during meals.
  10. Access to a supportive community of Moms who understand your situation
  11. An awesome bubble recipe!
  12. And so much more!!!

All for the low introductory rate of $5!   Purchase your ticket below!

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