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Sticks Book

Looking for new ideas to help create the family you want?  This is the book for you! Whether you simply want to tweak some of your parenting methods or need to overhaul your current situation, Sticks! will give you the ideas and direction to make those changes.  Drawn directly from Nadia’s most popular talk, this book describes a simple system to help families reduce stress, improve discipline, and improve their family life.

Available in Kindle and hardcopy form via this  Amazon Sticks Link.


Sticks Starter Kit The Sticks Starter Kit contains everything you need to implement “Sticks!” with your family. Each kit contains 3 Mouths, 3 Ears, 10 Regular Sticks, 10 Golden Sticks, and the Sticks Take Home Kit Tip Sheet. Order 1 kit for each child on Sticks!

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Connecting to ChristmasThis simple set of 12 devotional readings helps families prepare for Christmas by understanding the true meaning of this important holiday. Built around traditional nativity sets, each devotional reading focuses on one part of the Biblical nativity scene. After sharing the reading together, you will add the corresponding figurine to your nativity display. By Christmas morning, all the pieces of your Nativity set will be far more than decoration!  Instead, they will each tell an important part of the Christmas story.

Available as a downloadable pdf

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March Into Lent!  This devotional booklet guides you and your family through the Lent Season, March 2018.   It sets a simple pattern of weekly devotional ideas designed to help you prepare your heart and experience the death and resurrection of Jesus in a new way.

Available as a downloadable pdf

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