Presents! Whats your plan?

We woke up this weekend to a snowy morning.  The air was crisp and I lingered over a cup of dark brew while considering the season ahead.

This week on my Facebook (author) page, we are going to be talking about gifts for our kids.  I don’t want you to think that we will be wallowing in rampant commercialism.  Instead, let’s take time to consider what it means to give thoughtfully, with an eye toward what our children need.  Let’s continue to take our work as parents seriously, even in gift-giving.  Let’s consider who our kids are, where they are headed, and what they need to grow into the people they are becoming.

Why is this coming up now?  When I speak on the topic of Christmas, I talk with Moms and Dads who feel stuck when it comes to gift giving.  They receive long lists of dream gifts from their kids and feel pressured to create a magical moment in the midst of the holidays.  They believe they need to give their kids the same extravagant gifts as other families, and often do not consider if the gifts they are giving fit in with their own goals for their family.  That is such a  hard place to be!

So here we are in early November.  Let’s take a collective breath.  It is early enough to plan for the holidays and still within the window of acceptable returns, in case we find ourselves worried about purchases already made.  🙂

So, let’s ask ourselves some important questions:

  1.  What is your motivation in gift giving?
  2.  What are three gifts you gave your child last Christmas?
  3.  Are you planning to give a gift that you do not want your children to use frequently?

That third question is a tricky one! Over the past several months, I have been speaking often on the topic of technology and children. I have been so discouraged by the findings of recent research and what it shows about the impact of excessive screen time on our kids.  But, I am also excited that the parents I meet are eager to think about how we are using technology in brand new ways.

So, let’s talk about this together!  If you are not already on my author page on facebook, click here to pop over there and join us this week.  We are going to get practical and specific!  We are going to find awesome ways to celebrate the season and still hold firm to the goals we have for our family.  It is going to be good and your voice, questions, ideas are needed!  I look forward to seeing you there.

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