For The Weary…


Hey, you there. Have you been tempted to throw in the towel? Are you weary from the bickering and the refusing to listen? Do you find yourself thinking that you just cannot do one more day of sleep training, potty training, middle school drama, driver’s ed. or college searching? Are you worried about that social struggle your child is in the middle of? Are you stressed about those developmental stages that are coming so dang slowly? We are walking through the long days of parenting and it is easy to feel it all.

Parenting is not for the weak. Raising up a child to become who they are meant to be is no small task. It makes sense that we find ourselves weary and worn. Take a breath, Momma. And maybe one more…

Want some good news?

First, you are not alone. Every single family has a worry or struggle that keeps someone awake at night. It happens to you. It happens to me. Do not hide your face. No one can offer you support if they don’t know it is needed. We are all going to knock it out of the park some days and fail miserably on others. You are not alone. Not at all. So find a friend to trust with some of what weighs on you.  Be honest. Today is a great day to reach out with your worries.

Second, every single day offers us a chance to regroup and start over. So, find yourself a quiet second (Yep, locking yourself in the bathroom is totally fine!) and think about what is bothering you the most. Just.One.Thing. Make a small plan to effect change in that one area. You can do this. When we find ourselves thinking that we need to overhaul our whole system, we are suddenly frozen and unable to act.  But, if instead, we pick a place to begin, addressing one small area of frustration or worry, it is easier to problem-solve and act. So, ask yourself, is today the day to regroup? Tomorrow? You will be surprised how a small decision can affect big change. It’s okay to be overwhelmed.  But, remind yourself that you do not have to stay there.

It feels hard because it is. But you are literally the perfect person to love on and lead your kiddos. They are yours for that very reason. Your worries can lead to actions that become the very change and growth that your children really need. Don’t give up, Momma. Take a breath. Dig in your toes. Love them again.

And on we go…  🙂

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