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Jelly beans, egg hunts, fancy hats, chocolate bunnies and ham… We are just about there. But what does any of it mean?

While Lent may feel long, especially for families with little kids, Passion Week is entirely accessible. Between the Palm branches and the Easter baskets, there lies a lot of truth.  But how do we work through this with our kids?

The story is tricky, don’t you think?  If you found yourself in church yesterday, there was a great celebration.  We talked about Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and being seen as a King.  The crowd honored and blessed Him… the same crowd that would yell “Crucify HIM!” just 5 days later.  From where I stand, it is easy for me to scratch my head and claim that I would do it differently.  Surely, I would NEVER follow suit.  Surely, I would never call for the death of Jesus.  Right?

As we go through this week, I want to keep this question before me. I want to arrive at Good Friday and Easter Sunday with a good understanding of my part in what happened… and I want this for my kids, as well.

Every day this week holds an important event in the final days of Jesus.  If we share this with our kids each morning or evening, next weekend will hold deep meaning for our whole family, young and old.

Here is a list of the verses that tell this tale.  I will include those from Matthew, though many are found in the other gospels, too.  (Don’t have a Bible on hand?  Here is an online Bible you can use for free. )

Sunday: Matthew 21: 1-11 (Palm Sunday)

Monday: Matthew 21: 10-17 (Clearing of the Temple)

Tuesday:  Matthew 21:23-24 (Jesus Teaching the Parables)

Wednesday: (A day of rest… not mentioned in Gospels)

Thursday: Matthew 26: 17-30 (Passover)

Friday: Matthew 27: 1-66 (The Crucifixion)

Saturday: (Jesus was in the tomb)

Sunday:  Matthew 28: 1-13 (The Resurrection!)

It can be hard to understand how so much can happen in only seven days.  But this I know for sure:  Jesus came here to walk alongside us and to make a way for us to be with God.  We are the people who call Him King and we are the people who need His saving grace.  We not only need Him, but we call for His death with our actions.  It is a lot to take in. It is humbling and painful but we need to see our place in it all.

And so do our kids.

Let’s take time this week to settle into this story.  Let’s take the time to really understand, in brand new ways, what LOVE looks like.  Let’s help our children to draw near to the truth by gently retelling this beautiful story.

Blessings to you:

~as you walk through the end of Lent…

~as you celebrate the Savior coming…

~as you come face to face with His sacrifice…

~and as you revel in the reality that He is who He says is.

Happy, happy Easter!

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