Thanksgiving First: Let’s Do This Thing Together


I walked into a local bookstore today in hopes of finding something our family could read this month.  Being November 3, I was naively hoping for Thanksgiving thoughts.

That is not what I found.

Apparently, two minutes after we extinguished the candle shining from inside our jack-o-lantern, it became Christmas.  Every business I entered is decorated for Advent.  Twinkling lights.  Bright stars.  And, of course, there are piles and piles of presents.

You wanna know what?  I am just not ready.

I am not ready to jump in and start planning for and living in a holiday that is SERIOUSLY fifty-some-odd days away.  I am not ready to think about the gifts,  especially because it just feels wrong to focus on presents and getting when we have not taken a minute–or a month–to think intentionally about being grateful.


That is where I want to start.

Maybe you do, too.

This month, let’s start with gratitude.  Let’s start by noticing the many ways we are blessed.  Let’s take a long minute and breathe and look and refuse to give into the hustle and bustle that we are being drawn toward already.

Are you in?

I have an idea…

For the next four Mondays, I will post a blog that relates to Thanksgiving. Not just the holiday… the actual act of giving thanks. Each post will be practical and encouraging.  I will look for ways that we can create a little margin in our lives to experience Thanksgiving intentionally.

And I want us to do this together…

Because this is what I know for sure: In this month, a lot is going to happen.  We will vote and discover who will lead our country next.  We will live with our loved ones and fight with them and love on them and do things right and screw things up.  We will prepare to gather with family or friends to eat and visit.  And, at the end of those four weeks, we will enter the season of Advent… and maybe we will be ready.

I want to feel ready.

So, add your email to the little box on the right hand margin of this page and these Thanksgiving posts will come right to you.  Each Monday, we will think it through together and help our families do the same.  Looking for more?  Head on over to Twitter and use the hashtag #ThanksgivingFirst to keep the convo going.

Are you in?  Me, too.

I will see you on Monday morning, right here.  I am already thankful for that!

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