Sticks! Now Available in Paperback!

Sticks is now available in paperback!!

Writing a book is a strange process.  You work and write and tweak the words, while the big picture seems so far away.  As I struggled and played with the chapters of this practical little book, I never thought about what it would feel like to have it done.

And not just a little done.

Done. DONE.

And while I was dreaming of releasing an e-book that would be a quick read, offering hope to parents, it was Josiah who looked for more.  Because as any author can tell you, writing a book is not a solitary affair.  My family offered more to this task than providing entertaining stories.  They struggled with me, encouraged me, and wanted it done with the same desire that I had deep in me.

And then they offered a broader vision than I was able squint and see.

No matter how many times I told Josiah it would be an e-book, he insisted it would be more.  And he was right.  He told me we would hold it in our hands, turn the paper pages.  I love that boy and his affirming words.

Today, the vision of my sweet son is a reality and the Sticks book is available in print.

So, head on over to Amazon, friends.  Do it today!!  Exercise your choices and get your hands on this book in whatever way you prefer!  And if you know someone who loves parenting ideas or someone who is discouraged or someone who is struggling with life in survival mode, get them a copy, too.  Parents need to stick together!  (See what I did there?) We need to do for one another what Josiah (and my family) did for me.  No matter where we are in our parenting journey, there is a bigger view to see.  There is hope for growth and change and far less stress.  And this little book can tell that tale.

It is an exciting day here, all over again!

Need the link?  Happy to share!  🙂

Sticks on Amazon

Blessings on your day!

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