Summer’s Coming: Ideas and an Offer!


Today, I went to school and watched my youngest help to lead an all-school assembly.  I remember sitting in those bleachers, watching my older kids up front and working desperately to keep her quiet by my side.  I am living in a whirl of memories these days.  May can be like that…

Last week, we had two end-of-the-year concerts and we have one more tomorrow night. Rehearsals are over.  Sports practices are done.  And I know that in roughly a week we will find ourselves fully immersed in the beginning of summer.

The schedule that traps us and the assignments that seem endless will all fall away and we will be standing, side by side, at the start of three long months of warm weather and relaxing days and exploring outside and grilling goodies and sunny days strung together with picnics and play.

Except when it is not that at all.

Because if we are really honest, and please LET’S BE, a week or so in we will wondering how we convince our children to log off that game or put down that phone or go out in the yard at all.  They will be repeating the refrain of generations before them who found themselves freed from the schedule of school only to quickly complain:  “I’m bored!”

So, what can we do?  Whether you have children who love to be obedient or kids with their toe over the line, having a great summer takes a plan.  Finding ourselves connecting as a family, reducing screen-time, playing outside, and truly enjoying the season is totally possible!

For the first time ever, I am offering a Summer and Sanity Online Seminar!  I am ridiculously excited about this and hope you will be, too.  I love empowering and encouraging parents and this will give us an opportunity to connect over the next month and do just that!

What is included?

One month of ideas, support, teaching, empowerment!!

  1. A Facebook Live talk that will teach you how to use Sticks, and help you know how this program can improve your summer.
  2. Free weekly emails to support your efforts to begin using Sticks.
  3. A Facebook Live talk on specific technology reduction ideas that will help you reign in screen time in your home!
  4. Sample daily schedules to create a relaxing and fun summer. (One for families with parents who work outside the home, one for families with a stay-at-home parent.)
  5. A list of recommended resources to have on hand that will help you to spend quality time with your kids this summer and to help them with their spiritual, academic, and personal growth! Who knows, maybe you will experience some of that growth, too!
  6. Frequent discussion questions to help you process things like: How do I get my kids to play outside? What can I do on a tight budget?  Should my kids have daily chores during the summer?  What strategies work for reducing screen time?  What can we do as a family this summer?  How can I manage the constant demands for food?  Am I supposed to support my kids academically in the summer?  How can I foster spiritual growth in my kids?  What if I need a break?
  7. Age-specific book recommendations to help kids learn to love reading!
  8. Ideas for crafts your kids can do themselves.
  9. Specific ideas to help your kids reconnect with nature.
  10. A free downloadable set of Table Talk cards to improve the conversation your family enjoys during meals.
  11. Access to a supportive community of Moms who understand your situation.
  12. An awesome bubble recipe!
  13. And so much more!

I have been dreaming about this for some time.  I am excited to offer this to you and to spend time with you over the next month sharing ideas and helping you to feel supported.  Because this is a brand new offering for me, I am offering this for a very low introductory price of only $5.00!  Less than a fancy cup of coffee!  Great deal, right?

So, click here to head over to the Summer Seminar part of my page and let’s get started!  You will be glad you did!  Signing up is super easy.  Once you are on the Summer Seminar page, just click through to PayPal and pay that low fee. At the bottom of that page, you will see “Return to Merchant”. Please click that and you will be redirected to a welcome screen that contains the link to our private Facebook group.  Request to join!  Once I see you there, I will invite you in and we will start.

Ready?  Me, too!  See you there!


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